Laurel Touby found out just how tough her underlings have had it; David Lynch said something appropriately cryptic and JDate tested a cranky, fasting Jew's patience. The Twitterati got deeper into their grooves.

If you know what he was talking about, it wouldn't be David Lynch's Twitter stream.

Laurel Touby, blog millionaire, finally tried blogging, and found it difficult. Does anyone have a boa we might hang ourselves with? (Via @Choire)

Sasha Pasulka, gossip blogger and Jew, has had it with JDate's taunting. Over Yom Kippur, that is.

The Huffington Post's Jason Links just doesn't feel about The Pianist the way he did about the Naked Gun trilogy.

The Huffington Post's entertainment section, meanwhile, just so happens to have a Roman Polanski photo gallery scheduled to publish, according to the lead of the linked article.

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