Ouch. That hurts. New cast member Jenny Slate's first night on SNL. Season premiere. She's co-starring in a skit about a biker chicks' talk show. The word "freaking" was used a lot. And guess what: she freaking said the F-Word.

As commenter DahlELama put it: "Serves Lorne right—Michaela Watkins would never have done that." Entirely possible! But also: maybe not? Not sure. Either way, it's surely going to generate a nice amount of publicity for the new season, which we'll get into tomorrow morning. In the mean time, enjoy the blowfish face of "oh, shit, Lorne's going to have my ass on the fryer in about twenty minutes." Let's see if she's in any skits next week. Or the week after. Or the week after that.

Be nice to her, Lorne. It's the kid's first night.

[Thanks for the assist, Mattchew03.]

And in case the above gets taken down, the original:

And these guys put together a bunch. Who wants to take a bet that at least half-at least-will be taken down by noon?

Finally, here's Seth Meyers hugging Slate at the end of the show.