Murdered Yale student Annie Le's funeral was today. I wasn't going to write anything about it, because, you know, not a story. Not even a footnote. Apparently, I'm wrong:


Highlights, too? Awesome! CBS, Fox News, the Daily News, the New York Post all ran some variation of the AP report, some of them with their own contributions.

The Daily Beast fucking loved this story. They used it to take the opportunity to trot out crime statistics in the form of lists they compiled for the Top 25 Safest and Most Dangerous (!!!) Colleges in America. Did you go to one? Do you want to go to one? So, naturally, this:

There's almost an air of disappointment to it, like their news cycle might end? Goddamn. American media loves themselves a good murder. Just look to Rebecca Rosenberg's grisly (and incorrect) detailing of it in the New York Post.

And yeah, I know, I know: (1) obviously, (2) first stone, etc, and (3) you're making it worse by writing about it, you self-righteous prick. All of which are true accusations you can aim my way. So, media issues: they're complex.

I'm just over this story. And sensationalized murder stories, period. They're just depressing, and they seem outdated, and we only hear about the ones that instill some kind of fear in us. Which is nothing like these two guys getting killed today in Chicago. Or this kid, who was beaten to death. Or these two, killed in the Valley last night. Yes: Le's murder was especially sad because of the proximity to the wedding date. It was shocking because she went to Yale, where America's future rich and successful go. But we're not gonna read about anyone else's funerals.

And really: we've come far. There's gotta be something better to make worse than it already is.