Conan's no barbarian. The late night host hit his keppe on Friday when taping a stunt for The Tonight Show with Teri Hatcher. He got a concussion and went to the hospital. What?

It's a cute story, but O'Brien might be getting a little old. He was filming a stunt teasing Teri Hatcher for competing in triathlons in what sounds like a somewhat bizarre bit of O'Brien's stripe of humor. Says Hatcher, via US:

"We did this bit and at the very end, when we ran in to cross the finish line, he slipped as he was crossing the finish line and hit his head," Hatcher tells Entertainment Tonight of O'Brien's accident.

"He didn't get off floor right a way, but then he [seemed] like he recovered and [pulled] it together, and they did an instant replay, and you could really see his head hit the floor," the actress said. "He did go to hospital and he does have a concussion."

Eegh. Scary. TMZ says that he was cracking jokes in the ambulance, and the statement he put out:

"Last thing I remember I was enjoying the play with Mrs. Lincoln, and the next thing I knew I was in bed being served cookies and juice" O'Brien said in the statement.

would seem to indicate that he's fine. But! US closes with a mysterious:

There is no word yet from NBC about plans for future Tonight Show episodes.

And TMZ goes with:

An NBC spokesman tells us, "Conan is resting comfortably at home. He is expected to return to work on Monday."

Even though TMZ posted four hours earlier. Either way, we wish Conan a speedy recovery. NBC execs, however, are probably slightly concerned about keeping up with Conan's physical humor: he's their late night guy, he's expensive to insure, and they can't be pleased about the whole "not getting off the floor right away thing." One's gotta wonder if someone from above hasn't called down to let Conan know to take it easy, or if they did, whether or not Conan would listen (my guess: no). Still: good to know he's staying scrappy.