Formerly bow-tied assclown and teenage gaybasher Tucker Carlson may have given up his bowties, but he's still dedicated to the art of assclowning. Story: some kids sing song about Obama at school. Sean Hannity rages. And Carlson starts to speak.

Watch closely. Any clip with Sean Hannity in it where Hannity isn't the most ridiculous thing in it is, really, pretty great.

Here you'll see a video of schoolchildren singing a song about Obama for Black History Month at their school. This isn't Prussian Blue with the Nazi Lullabies, this is about on-par with "50 Nifty United States," or a song about Christopher Columbus, or Thanksgiving (which, let's be honest, omit the fact that most of those states were stolen from someone, that Columbus was a sleazeball, and that the only thing we brought Indians for November were guns, germs, steel, and misery). This is elementary school, and for those who don't remember, singing terribly conceived songs with mediocre lyrics and rhyme schemes that'd make Shel Silverstein cringe is just part of growing up. I'm sure most of you had to go through something as ridiculous as this. Unless you're Tucker Carlson, who would rather see these kids drawn and quartered:

Khmer Rouge? For reference, I've put a few pictures below to remind Carlson of what he's talking about. Maybe he forgot, but this is what Cambodia's four years under the Khmer Rouge were like:

There's one with a bunch of child soldiers standing over a decapitated head, but I decided to omit it because you've probably just had breakfast, or are about to. If you think you can stomach it, here.

Tucker Carlson, that's what the Khmer Rouge was. You're an idiot, and every time you use hyperbole like this, someone should administer a shock to your testicles that'll raise your voice to a pitch only kickdogs can hear. Whenever pundits toss off references events in history that matter regarding one that doesn't, they cheapen it. Tucker, every time you talk, you cheapen the English language, and even, dare I say, punditry. There's a reason you're hated by and have been punked by pretty much everyone. Shut up, go away, fuckoff, and die under a Swiss rock.