Here is a nine minute video of a man named Tim Jones chasing and screaming at three black people at the 9/12 rally. Tim Jones is a right-wing blog folk hero for his heroic actions that day.

Seriously, we cannot actually imagine watching this and cheering on the shrieking old white man. Even if we agreed that ACORN was a terrible criminal organization bent on helping all the prostitutes in the world fill out their taxes while registering illegal immigrant cartoon characters to vote, we would still be incredibly uncomfortable watching Tim Jones scream at a couple fucking kids (one of whom he definitely calls "boy" in his charming Boston accent) and their mother.

The crime of these terrible black people? Selling "Don't Tread On Me" signs at the 9/12 rally. Which, you know, got to admire their entrepreneurial spirit! It's just too bad they were at the 9/12 rally selling the flags for ACORN, an organization that does not actually send employees to rallies to sell flags.

But according to ACORN spokesperson Ian Phillips, the only flags any of their members sell would be to their members at conventions. None of their people were at the Sept. 12 rally as vendors or for any reason representative to ACORN, and whomever was being targeted by Tim Jones in the video might have been unfortunate pawns in a rather racist game of his.

"It wasn't us," Phillips told One People's Project. "Unfortunately, you know this better from the work that you do, the kind of bogeymen that they've created over the years of some kind of freeloading person of color. Now they have transferred and said all these folks are with ACORN."

Phillips says this kind of scapegoating is something that the organization has had to deal with, well before the Leadership Institute's James O'Keefe videotaped various ACORN staffers suggesting ways to violate the law. Earlier in the year there were warnings from conservative figures like Fox News' Neil Cavuto that ACORN was mounting a counterstrike against this element. "In Florida, they put it on their list groups that ‘ACORN is going to be there, come out in force and tell ACORN what you think of them or ACORN is going to infiltrate, If you see anyone holding a camera, they're from ACORN,' but we never come to these things," he said. "We never engage these kooks. We don't go and film, none of our staffers do."

But against the word of the ACORN spokesman, we have the word of Tim Jones, hero, whom no one knows anything about, except that he declared that these people were from ACORN, because he heard them say it to a cop. And then Tim Jones whipped up a crowd of people to join in the screaming and chasing.

Once again, these people hate America.