David Karp lectured the twittering masses on acting "classy," Lance Armstrong held forth on what Real Men don't do on the internet, and Andrew Keen detested your inspirational quotes. The Twitterati were feeling judgy.

Tumblr founder David Karp ate dinner with some really famous people, but he's not one to brag, so you didn't hear it from him.

Celebrity healer Deepak Chopra really feels he made a connection with the entire Twitter Family, whoever that is.

Internet pundit Andrew Keen is not-so-quietly judging you.

Macho cyclist Lance Armstrong presumed to lecture the males of Twitter on how to be men. It was almost as though he had a surplus of testosterone in his system, which is nothing that would ever conceivably happen.

Actress Olivia Mumm is eagerly awaiting delivery of her slave from another country. Aren't we all, ho ho ho.

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