Some of you may recall a little tape we ran last month featuring a largely naked romp between Eric Dane, his wife Rebecca Gayheart and beauty-queen-turned-Hollywood-madam Kari Ann Peniche. Today the Danes apparently registered their non-love of it in court.

Gawker Media has not yet received the official court filing, so no one here is able to respond in full. Our overlord Nick Denton, however, filed this very to the point retort on on his twitter feed:

To quote the great Marty Singer — Eric Dane's lawyer — if you don't want a sex tape on the internet, "don't make one!"

We are as anxious as anyone to see what the happy pair allege, so we'll share with you what we know, when we know it, but for now, feel free to take a trip down memory lane to the video that started it all.