Yesterday the New York Post ran a gruesome update on the Annie Le murder, saying that Le's killer "broke the bones and mangled the body" before stuffing her into a wall. New Haven cops say: False.

NYP reporter Rebecca Rosenberg's story yesterday was, without a doubt, the grossest, most vivid depiction yet of the crime scene:

Accused murderer Ray Clark was so desperate to hide his heinous handiwork that he allegedly broke the bones and mangled the body of a strangled Yale grad student to fit it through a wall opening the size of a computer screen, The Post has learned.
"He just crushed her in there. She was like mush — she was so smashed up you couldn't recognize her," said a source

The story makes pretty specific statements on the condition of the body, presumably thanks to a police source. But now the New Haven police say it's false:

State's Attorney Michael Dearington asked the New Haven Police Department to clarify the inaccuracy, which he said was picked up by other media outlets.
"This information is false and this myth must be dispelled at the request of the state's attorney," said New Haven Police Chief James Lewis.

Rosenberg's bylines show she's a hard worker who's been on the Le story since before we even knew she was murdered. Somebody's obviously feeding her lurid info. But it's hard to see why the police would go to the trouble of denying it unless it was actually false. It's possible that her story does have a grain of truth, but that it got hyped up by the Post's editing process so much that it was rendered false.

Or maybe they just print whatever?
[Pic: AP]