Courtney Love has subjected fellow singer Ryan Adams to a series of online rants for more than a year now, and now Adams is pushing back. He says he never borrowed any money from Love, nor did he date her.

Love posted a long, rambling, incoherent screed to MySpace last year that seemed to say Adams owed her money for production of his album Rock n Roll. Adams responded indirectly and cryptically at the time. But now Adams has decided to set the record straight, after Love last week posted another barrage on Twitter, writing, "anytime 'ole Ryan... wants to see his bills, he can, I'm right here" — and after we erroneously said Adams was Love's "ex-boyfriend" when we reported that barrage,

Adams' publicist sent us the following statement from the singer:

"I have never had any romantic, personal or financial involvement with Courtney Love. She is confusing me with her ex, who produced my Rock n Roll record, which was financed solely by Universal Music."

Courtney Love confused about her commitments and losing track of all her money? Do you really expect us to buy that?

(We've updated the original item.)