Take that, Dick Cheney! Federal officials this weekend made three arrests in an interstate terror investigation. Sure, it's good news for democracy, freedom and the such, but it could be great news for President Obama.

Even during the endless campaign, Obama's opponents claimed he would be soft on terrorism, an idea that's simmered quite tenaciously on the right. Cheney only reinforced that fear when he said Obama's torture and intelligence policies make the nation "vulnerable" to attack, an argument so absurd that we can't believe people believe it. And believe it they do.

But now, after last week's raids, the feds have arrested two men — 26-year old Najibullah Zazi and his father, Mohammed Wali Zazi — who they think may have been planning an attack on American soil, possibly at Fashion Week(!). The third suspect, a Queens-based imam named Ahmad Wais Afzali, allegedly tipped the Zazi men off to federal interest. All three are charged, for now, with lying to investigators.

The younger Zazi, however, admitted to training with Al Qaeda in Pakistan and had been jotting notes on how to make a bomb, which, to the feds, looks like he had plans to wreak havoc upon this dear nation.

Government spooks made clear that there's no imminent threat, but did describe the happenings as "ongoing and fast-paced." If Obama were more like Cheney or Bush, he would be playing these arrests up as a big win in our fight against terrorism. He would be cheering and making emboldened speeches celebrating his supreme powers as Commander-in-Chief. It would be nice to see a little good-natured "suck on that, Dick!" But, alas, Obama and his administration are far too classy.

Meanwhile, the right will likely remain mum, because now they look like prejudiced jerks. Again.