The pictures of Barack Obama brandishing a lightsaber are making the rounds, but they shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows that Mr. President is the nerdiest man living outside of his mother's basement.

The latest photos were taken as part of a fencing demonstration on the White House lawn, but nerdy Barry still found a way to make it into a Luke Skywalker-look-alike contest by getting into his best Jedi stance. This is an odd choice, because he's known more for his love of Star Trek. He even offered critque of the new movie, saying that he was a huge fan as a kid. He even once flashed the live-long-and-prosper sign when running into the original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy.

In his younger days, Obama also collected comic books namely Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian. When Marvel heard the news, they placed the President in a Spider-Man storyline.

That's got to be a big affront to Superman, who Obama once jokingly referred to himself as, even going so far as to name check Jor-El, the obscure(ish) name of Superman's father.

But it's not just sci-fi culture, Obama refused to give up his Blackberry when he was elected to the nation's highest office, and even got a special one made to keep his communications top secret. Even national security concerns couldn't stop his geeky heart.

This is just one more reason to love Barack Obama. Wouldn't you much rather have someone in the White House who wants to be thought of as a nerd than one who wants everyone to believe he's a cowboy? Of course, we weren't the first one's to notice. Mr. PC himself, John Hodgman did so wonderfully, and more comically than we could ever muster, at the White House Correspondent's Dinner.

We just can't wait to see Barack and Michelle dressed up as Mork and Mindy for Halloween. Nanu-Nanu!