Whoops, Jon Stewart didn't get the liberal media memo about never ever saying anything bad about Democrats. Did you watch those hilarious ACORN tapes? They are proof that everything Michelle Malkin has ever said is true.

<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'The Audacity of Hos

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As we have covered: one of those stunt-staging Young Republican types went into dozens of ACORN offices across the country dressed in his finest Pimp costume from Ricky's, along with a woman playing his "prostitute." They proceeded to ask ridiculous questions, and in three or four offices, they were provided with suitably ridiculous answers.

So, yes, this decentralized network of low-income community centers is abetting criminal activity, or at least they are telling a 17-year-old-looking white kid in a fur coat to keep his "pimp" money in a tin in the back yard so the government doesn't get it.

That, actually, is what this fuss is about: ACORN is giving out free advice on tax-evasion to poor people! Finding loopholes in the tax code and exploiting them to hide your criminal activity and society-damaging behavior is for rich people, ACORN. That is one of the few remaining benefits of getting rich and now the leeches want to take that away, too!

Now the federal government will never, ever give any money to ACORN again. Sorry, victims of predatory lending, your lobby just got PUNK'D.