New York magazine has a new story about a Nepali woman who came to visit her daughter in Woodside, Queens and got lost, wandering alone for more than two days. How's schmancy New York mag track down these outer-borough oddities?

The 53-year-old Krishna had come here, to Woodside, Queens, to visit her daughter Anu, whom she hadn't seen since Anu moved to the States twelve years ago.

"Anu" is the nanny for New York food critic Adam Platt. That's how. Haha. Michael Idov, who wrote the story (which is worth reading!) offers us this explanation for leaving out that fact:

Thing is, it doesn't create a conflict of interest. It would just jar the reader out of the story for no reason. Plus, I usually get all leads directly from my butler, Firs.

Similarly, we only learn about Manhattan via our rich uncle, Nick Denton.