World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon is going to run for Senate from Connecticut, as a Republican, against Joe Lieberman Chris Dodd (whoops!). Let's learn more about her!

McMahon has been stepping up her support of the Connecticut Republican party, having been appointed to the State Board of Education earlier this year. Also in 2000, her husband Vince—shortly after he arranged the kidnapping, and rape of their daughter Stephanie—drugged her with sedatives and had her committed to a sanatorium.

When her son Shane challenged Vince to a public wrestling match later that summer, Linda shockingly emerged from her drug-induced coma just as the live, televised match concluded, and delivered a blow to her husband's groin that helped Shane to win the match.

In 2007, Linda McMahon announced that she'd kicked husband Vince out of their home due to allegations that he'd fathered an illegitimate child.

McMahon formally announced her intention to run for Senate as a Republican this morning, despite the fact that she's donated to sometime Democrat Joe Lieberman in the past. This is known as "turning heel."

[Pictured: Republican candidate for Senate Linda McMahon is Tombstoned by Kane.]