On Monday we asked for intelligence about the upcoming "Big Event" in New York by lefty prank-pullers The Yes Men. We have now received that intelligence. Click through for details on the latest plan to mock evil corporate villains.

"Survivaball." Read all about it on the website. "Worried About Climate Change? Don't sweat it." Instead, you can wear a ridiculous rubber-ball body suit to protect you from the ravages of global warming. It's an example of the world's largest corporations using engineering to replace ethics, with humorous results, etc.

This sort of fake corporate reductio ad absurdum is The Yes Men's specialty. They've previously posed as corporate spokespeople and weaseled their way onto unsuspecting news shows, where they made humorous, evil corporate statements, and filmed rooms full of unsuspecting corporate suits applauding politely at some outrageous presentation for an idea like using shit to feed the poor. They also had a hand in last year's Fake New York Times.

So! A tipster tells us this Survivaball website and promo video are just laying the groundwork for next week's stunt:

The plan so far is to put a bunch of people in like 50 inflatable "Survivaball" suits and float them down the East River. It's about the UN meetings that are happening that day, and it's going to be pretty crazy.

The group's already been handing out this Survivaball flier down on Wall Street. Everything appears to be in order here. All you unsuspecting corporate whores who don't read this website or watch lefty documentaries on a regular basis will soon pay—with your dignity.