Paul Carr heckled his own conference; Courtney Love taunted the universe and Kanye West taunted one tweeter's fantasyland. The Twitterati were beyond punchy.

Sane singer Courtney Love had an epic, if slightly madcap and indecipherable meltdown on her Twitter thread. We know it involved manipulating FICO scores, and lashing out, yet again, at ex boyfriend Ryan Adams. Sadly, for those seeking Love's unique sort of insight, the rant is not presently on the internet.

UPDATE: In describing the Love-Adams relationship, we mis-remembered this Love rant, which hinted at but did not confirm that the two knew each other That Way. Adams sent us a statement saying not only did they not ever know each other That Way, but that he does not owe Love money as she once claimed: "I have never had any romantic, personal or financial involvement with Courtney Love. She is confusing me with her ex , who produced my Rock n Roll record, which was financed solely by Universal music."

Former Telegraph writer Paul Carr heckled the inept startups at the TechCrunch 50 conference. And also the conference itself. He was working for TechCrunch at the time, apparently.

Advice columnist Penelope Trunk mounted a pointed defense of herself, in court. And that was before opening arguments even started.

Reason editor Dave Weigel was careful to have all his papers in order before meeting CNN house xenophobe Lou Dobbs.

Interesting MySpace account-haver Chet Euton had an entertaining vision of Patrick Swayze's funeral.

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