A local television station has named Ray Clark, an animal technician at the Yale lab where Annie Le worked and where her body was found, as the police's "person of interest" in her murder.

According to Hartford's WFSB, the New Haven police sought information about Clark from the Branford police. Previous reports indicated that a lab technician had already been interviewed and failed a lie detector test, but WFSB seems to suggest that the cops don't know where Clark is: His home in Ferry Street in Middletown, Conn., is currently under surveillance, according to several reports, and the apartment building's manager says Clark hasn't been seen since Thursday. Clark recently moved to Middletown from nearby Branford.

The New York Post has also identified Clark as the prime suspect in the case. A family member, though, told the paper they didn't think he is a murderer.

"He'd seen her and said hi and kept on going. ... He really didn't know her."

The family "is very upset," the family source added.

"I know he didn't do it, but I can't understand how anybody would do that in the first place and put her in the wall like that. And they would have had to do it at night because certainly nobody could have done it during the day when everybody was looking."

One of Clark's co-workers at the Yale lab where Le's body was found tells Gawker that Clark has a fiancée who also work at the facility, along with his sister and her husband, "and none of them are at work today."

Yale's staff and student directory lists a Raymond Clark III as an animal technician in the university's Animal Resources Center:

According to a database search, a Raymond John Clark III lives in Middletown at a Ferry St. address.

According to this 2003 speeding ticket issued to a Raymond John Clark III in Wallingford, Conn., he was born in 1985, which would make him 23 or 24 years old.

A Raymond Clark III made the honor roll during the first quarter of his senior year at Branford High School in Branford, Conn., and served as a relief pitcher for the schools baseball team. According to the honor roll, he was a senior in December 2003, and so would have graduated in 2004.

WFSB posted a photo (above) purporting to be of Clark that it says it obtained from MySpace, but the station doesn't link to the page. We're looking for it right now.

With reporting by Hunter Walker