Julie Hilden is not happy with Google. The company was "cowardly" and "fence sitting" in a lawsuit exposing an anonymous blogger who badmouthed a model, the lawyer wrote on FindLaw. In other words, Blogger.com doesn't have your back, namecallers.

Hilden, a Yale-trained First Amendment specialist, examined a New York trial judge's decision to strip Rosemary Port of her anonymity in lawsuit brought by her nemesis, "skank" model Liskula Cohen. In reviewing Google's stance in the case, she found the company dodged big First Amendment issues and instead objected that the judge's request for blogger information was a pain in the ass; "overbroad, vague and ambiguously worded."

In short, Google took no real stand in support of the First Amendment rights of bloggers on its system, even though the Supreme Court has held that anonymous speech is often protected. The court itself noted in its opinion that Google "essentially has no substantive opposition to [Cohen's] application."

So if you want to anonymously call a model a "skank," or anonymously satirize Steve Jobs, or anonymously pick on the New York Times, maybe try WordPress.com instead, you filthy insane adorable whore skank anony-bloggers, you.

(Pic: Port)