This may be the wildest rumor since Rod Stewart got his stomach pumped, but there's serious buzz in NYC nightlife circles that Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has halted recording on their new album to check into an L.A rehab.

The story goes that the other Strokes, no abstainers themselves, were so concerned about Hammond's recent behavior that they urged him to check into an L.A. rehab within the past few days. Hammond's stay has reportedly delayed recording sessions in New York for the Strokes fourth album, and is said to be costing the band a small fortune. No word on whether this supposed spiral had anything to do with the demise of his relationship with British supermodel Agyness Deyn. We emailed Hammond's mouthpiece at Nasty Little Man p.r. about this nasty little rumor, and are awaiting an official response. We hope he's okay!