The New Haven Register is reporting that a technician in the Yale lab where murdered student Annie Le worked has emerged as a top suspect, and MSNBC is reporting that an arrest could come as early as this morning.

Le's body was found stuffed inside a wall in the basement of the lab building on Sunday, which was to be her wedding day. According to the Register, law enforcement sources say a lab tech who worked in the building had scratches on his chest and arms that he couldn't adequately explain, and failed a voluntary FBI polygraph exam. He has stopped cooperating with the police and sought a lawyer, the paper says.

The New Haven Independent says the lab tech "allegedly had an unrequited love interest in Annie Le," citing a law enforcement source.

Police yesterday found bloody clothes stashed above a ceiling tile in the lab; officials have said that the clothes didn't appear to belong to Le and are working to connect them to the tech.

In an indication that the cops have settled on their suspect, the results of Le's autopsy are expected to be announced today at 3 p.m. Officials had previously withheld the cause of death "in order to facilitate the investigation."