Stephanie Pratt called Perez Hilton worthless; Marlee Matlin dreaded reading Kanye West's lips and Rachel Sklar exposed her intimate side. The Twitterati ran hot and cold.

Stephanie Pratt has had it with self-involved people who add nothing to the world other than fake drama. Pratt is the sister of fellow reality-TV person Spencer Pratt, but apparently was referring in this case to Perez Hilton.

Yes, Mediaite's Rachel Sklar misdirected her DM to all of Twitter. But the earnest Canadian blogger is genuinely curious how you're doing, entire world!

Actress Marlee Matlin would like Kanye West's lips to do some apologizing.

Someone lied to blog mogul Om Malik.

Larry King's southpaw tweet, a trademark non sequitur, could have used a "DEVELOPING..."

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