Denmark's tourist board has taken an interesting approach: A viral internet campaign implies the country is full of hot, single blond women eager to get knocked up by anonymous foreigners. There's been something of a backlash, back home.

The campaign consists of a Web video in which the woman, Karen26, tells a foreign lover — she doesn't remember his name — that she's had his baby and hasn't slept with anyone since he left town. Along the way, Karen26 promotes the national nightlife and tradition of "hygge," i.e. fucking random tourists. The Twittering hordes have, naturally, been all over this.

As AdLand notes, the contrived storyline is not very original, even for guerilla marketing, but the locals are none too happy with the implication that Denmark is filled with "loose women and unprotected sex," and the spot has been pulled. That's a smart move, albeit for the wrong reason: We'd be far less concerned with the honor of Danish women than with the practice of encouraging annoying tourists to be even more annoying by asking endless winking questions about "hygge." No bar would have been safe, Danish ladies.

[via AdRants]