"Twas a phantom of delight, when first I came upon the sight, of Austrailian actress Abbie Cornish meeting me in Malibu for a Esquire-featureette" is how it might have begun.

The great celebrity profilers of today never stop striving for greatness. And depth. When Esquire's Mike Sager sat with his Muse of the Month, Australian actress Abbie Cornish, suddenly everything he learned in creative writing seminar came rushing back.

At the sight of Cornish sipping boba, the inner Keats that lives in every great journalist, wrested the keyboard from Sager's hand and composed the following ditty (poetical spacing ours):

She drinks Asian "bubble tea"
from a plastic cup,
of her publicist.

There are tapioca pearls at
the bottom;
they rise
in single file
through an overlarge straw,

her lips the naked pink
of an ingenue.