In your mawkish Monday media column: Conde braces itself for the coming cutbacks, America hates the media more than ever, Anna Wintour has hated the media forever, as well, and Las Vegas is full of crooks.

Conde Nast's Mckinsey-recommended budget cuts should be formalized any day now, and nobody's looking forward to it. The latest Conde in-house chatter today, from Crain's: Budgets could be chopped up to 25% (same scary number floating around last week). More specifically, one insider says: "This round is going to suck." Yes. However, the company "isn't going to become like [less opulent] Hachette." Ha. Heaven forfend.

There's a new survey out about how much Americans hate the media. Fabulous! How did we, the media, do? "63 percent of respondents said news articles were often inaccurate and only 29 percent said the media generally "get the facts straight"." Worst ratings ever! Tune in next year for the new Worst Ratings Ever.

Ha, here is a story of journalistic humiliation before Anna Wintour that we can all enjoy: A reporter knelt before her and asked her holy opinion on the question: "What is style?" Anna's reply: "You need to think of something more original." Ask her about poor people, next time!

Hard to believe that corruption would infiltrate the hallowed halls of Las Vegas local TV news, but here you have it: Just before the ABC affiliate there was set to air some stories on how an auto repair chain there was ripping people off, an anchor at the station called the company and advised them to hire her boyfriend, who just happens to be great at crisis PR! That anchor should be so fired, god I would totally pay money to fire her myself over webcam just for fun. God.