As you may or may not have heard, Glenn Beck and others came out in full force to protest our government's handling of health care, arguing against "the over-expansion of the federal government." Naturally, the crazies came out, too.

"Check out that fucking teabagger," writes in tipster Stefan, referencing "Look At This Fucking Hipster," the blog chronicling hipsters looking ridiculous. Unfortunately, while hipsters have to be sought out within the pseudo-bohemian enclaves of their respective parishes, people who can't have any kind of normal, rational discussion about politics—or even a rational, agenda-based protest—are easily found at protests like the one going on today in Washington D.C.

These creatures are to conservatism what globalization protesters are to liberalism: irrational, screaming without aim, intent on burning the system down for the sake of doing so, with talk of a revolution they couldn't conceive or execute without being worse off than before.

Except globalization protesters are young and hot, and these people sluffed on their weekly Early Bird Specials to come.

Anyway! On to the Protesting Porn. Again, thank you Stefan, for bringing us these images with speed and a wonderful eye, in a series he titled simply: Teabagged.

He's making a joke about balls, you should know.

Sadly, this one was actually referencing this New World Order. Right idea, wrong protest, slightly late to both parties.

Go Buckeyes!

Sen. Cam'ron (D) would like to have a word with you, sir.

"Fucking parents."

Indeed, the Port-O-Potty situation got a little out of control. See, this is what happens when there's too little government intervention.

Hey, fellow Nevadans! You guys had trouble taking a shit, too? Hold it in, Lady PinkPants. You made an excellent sartorial choice, today.

Sudoku is INTENSE.

Don't you wish it said "ass destruction?" I'm going to pretend I don't see the "M."

Former hiking camp counselor goes off the trail, ends up here. Next time, we should probably fill the Camelback with more water, less Thunder Acid.

The plan to draw the "Don't Tread On Me" snake on Uncle Gendolf's head failed miserably. Also, the most disconcerting detail about this: Who uses disposable cameras anymore?! Didn't even know they still make those. This guy's in desperate need of a Broleroid Camera.