The social network can and will fuck with you, as TechCrunch found out, after Facebook targeted an elaborate hoax at just its reporters.

The company altered its code to insert a fake "Fax This Photo" link under every Facebook picture viewed from the account of at least one TechCrunch reporter, Jason Kincaid. After Kincaid emailed Facebook's PR team, he got the reply, "We already faxed you a statement on this??? Didn't you get it?" Which, of course, was part of the joke.

For a startup like Facebook that hates growing up, stunts like this one must be more fun than running a business. But as long as Facebook is procrastinating on revenue development, why not just skip work entirely, maybe grab a beer? Fun can involve things other than computers and programming, Valley geeks!

(Top pic: Kincaid via Crunchbase)