Joe Wilson's no doubt shaking in his boots. His opponent raised oodles of cash after Wilson's "You Lie" outburst. So, how's Wilson retaliating? By making a desperate, deflated and entirely flat plea for cash to fight "liberal attacks," of course.

For a man who claims to be full of emotion, Wilson can't seem to muster any in this video, in which he insists he won't be "muzzled" and that dirty liberals are simply trying to "distract" from the matter at hand. He does do a pretty good job of playing the victim, as seen in the video's accompanying statement:

I've been under attack by the liberals for months and they've done everything they can to quiet my very vocal opposition to more government interference in Americans' lives. Now, it's gotten even worse.

Oh, you poor man. Sadly, it's apparent you can tell you already know you're screwed.