Meg Whitman skipped the first major forum of California's gubernatorial candidates to attend Fortune's "Powerful Women" summit. This caused a big to-do. Now Fortune's released its list of powerful women, and guess who's been shut out?

That's right, Meg Whitman. The former eBay CEO made the magazine's "50 Most Powerful Women in Business" list three years running; even after leaving eBay, she finagled a place on last year's "Highest-paid women" list. This year, she's nowhere: Not on Most Powerful, not on Highest-Paid, not even on "10 Global leaders" or "The D.C. power list." And she's been given just 20 minutes at the very end of Fortune's conference. Whitman's already skipped one full-fledged debate; now she skipping another event so she can make a minor appearance tied to a magazine she's not even in. Scared of your public much?

Come on Meg, it's not as hard as it looks. Consider who's doing the job now!