Carol Bartz's CNBC appearance today was great P.R. — sharp and personable instead of defensive and sweary — but couldn't be good for morale back at the office. The Yahoo CEO kept talking about Yahoo fuckups.

Should ousted founder Jerry Yang have sold the company to Microsoft? Yes! Duh! Was Yahoo in severe need of focus and technical competence before Bartz came along? Yes! Has the company been in a self-defeating funk for the past year? Oh God yes! At least Bartz didn't accuse her staff of being on a "sugar low" for the third time (see examples one and two).

When your past and present talent is migrating to Microsoft, it's probably a good idea to try and keep your remaining engineers from becoming completely depressed. Bartz might want to keep that in mind as she dispenses her trademark tough love.

Excerpts above; full video at Business Insider.