Ug! Hasn't the world had enough discussion about how white Cambridge police office James Crowley totally fucked up and arrested black Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates? Apparently not!

A 12-member group will start going through files, transcripts, piles of bullshit and other oddities to determine what could have been done differently during and after the infamous arrest. Said the group's leader, Chuck Wexler:

I'm just hoping to make sense of this thing. This is one of those cases where everyone has an opinion about it. It's almost like some kind of Rorschach test. People see it and they read into it what they want.
People want to know, 'How did we get here?' Our starting point is the incident, but the incident only took six minutes.

Jesus! Can you imagine a bigger waste of time? "How did we get here?" It's called slavery, which was fueled by racism, and led to stereotypes of burglarizing black men and general discrimination.

Seriously, the last thing this country needs is another deep, analytical look into the roots of race relations. Can't we acknowledge our ugly past and try to move on? Our never-ending rehashing of racism's origins obviously isn't helping. Maybe if we ignore it, it will just go away on its own.