Joel Madden's new son hogged all the Twitter juice for himself; Sarah Lacy stood up a source; and Susan Orlean is not coming to your party. The Twitterati got dissed.

Joel Madden, the Good Charlotte vocalist, has already been eclipsed by his infant son.

Franklin Kramer refused to tell the Atlantic anything about his interview to be America's top cyber-spook. So he's definitely qualified for the job in one regard!

Our dear departed nigh editor doesn't think this Mexico City circus deserves to even be mentioned in the same breath as Entebbe. Now that was a hostage situation.

TechCrunch's Sarah Lacy is worried she's turning into some sort of flake! Hard to imagine.

Not only does "conservative" columnist Amanda Carpenter shop at Whole Foods, she also totes an Apple laptop. See you at the Birkenstock store, Amanda!

Susan Orlean would like you to know that a certain book party is going to be significantly less awesome.

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