Hmm! Former McCain blogger and current Weekly Standard blogger Michael Goldfarb says his boss says two sources say Hillary Clinton is going to resign as Secretary of State to run for... Governor of New York!(?)

"The boss hears from two sources," Goldfarb says, "that Hillary Clinton is considering stepping down as Secretary of State this fall in order to run for Governor of New York."

"The boss" is... Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol, right? If Bill Kristol says it, than it is the opposite of true. That is the only constant in American Politics. But on the other hand, the guy does know from women politicians who quit things early.

No, seriously, this doesn't make sense. She has one of the best political jobs in the world already, New York State is a mess and governing it is a shitty job, and, uh, David Paterson's staff is 75% Clinton vets. If Paterson gives up early and Cuomo reveals that he killed Jonbenet Ramsey then maybe this happens.

(We'd maybe be a little more inclined to believe it if Murdoch still owned the magazine! But even then it'd be in Page Six, wouldn't it?)