After reading her Anna Wintour's review of London nightclubs, we wanted to know more about her Gossip Girl younger years as a club-hopping high school hipster. Thanks to Jerry Oppenheimer's book Front Row we compiled this index

Here is a selective index of the early chapters of the biography, which include her early experiences working, clubbing, dating, and being obsessed with fashion (and Laurence Olivier).

Annabel's nightclub, p 37

-fabulous boutique, p42
-working a "holiday job," p43-44

bob, p40
-hiding behind it, p52

Bobroff, Steve, fashion photographer
-living with Anna, p56-57
-their house like Blow-Up, p58
-uses Anna as model, p58
-won't discuss their relationship, p58

club scene
-"At fifteen or sixteen Anna had this downtown London life," p38

Dempster, Nigel, gossip hack, p37
-dating Anna, p38-39
-says breasts "large and "quite delectable" p39
-hides in the closet from Anna's Father p40
-ambition, p40-41

Dolly's nightclub, p38

drugs -doesn't do them p37
-"hideously healthy" p38

-leads Anna to magazines, "not an interest in magazines," p54

fashion school-sets on fire during science experiment, drops out, p51

fur-wearing it when unfashionable, p44

Gitterman, Peter-boyfriend, p52

Harper's Bazaar-bluffs her way through interview, p64
-excels at her job, p65-66
-nicknamed "bacon slicer," p66
-is "bitchy and sharply critical" to other editors, p66
-describes things she doesn't like as "rubbish," p67

Harrod's-enters training program, works in "groovy teen" boutique, p51
-quits, p53

Lasky, Vivenne-best friend, p46-47
-attends Radcliffe, p51
-calls Anna "bossy," p56

London Playboy Club-attends opening, p39

Marley, Bob-introduced by Jon Bradshaw, p106
-goes backstage and "disappears for a week," p107
-said she didn't have affair, p107

McGowan, Cathy-fashion inspiration, p37, 38, 43

Neville, Richard, boyfriend
-goodlooking underground journalist, p58-59
-tells Anna he already has a girlfriend, she's OK with that, p60

North London Collegiate-hates the uniform, p38
-leaves/gets thrown out for wearing a miniskirt, p47-48

Olivier, Laurence-crush on and stalking, p38

Oxford-expected to attend, p48

Quant, Mary-fashion inspiration, p37-38
-introduced by Peter Gitterman, p52

Redbook-fiction editor, p54

weight-being skinny, p40
-being "quite chubby," p 44

Wintour, Charles, father
-hating her boyfriend, p39
-getting her a job at Biba, p42
-hating fashion, p43
-says Anna has "many boyfriends," p52
-says Anna "wondered for two hours what to wear to a demonstration, p53
-Anna never wants to work for him, p57
-gets her a job at Harper's Bazaar, p63

Wintour, Nonnie, mother
-bad dresser, p45
-loved her social work clients more than children, p46
-brings Anna to New York, p55
-"deadness" between her and husband, p61

Wintour, Nora, sister
-plain compared to Anna, p45
-thinks Anna is a "bimbo" p 49