Who is Sarah Palin's new ghostwriter? After obviously composing her own Facebook blog posts and Tweets (well, her intellectual doppelganger Meg Stapleton might've helped) for months, recent Palin missives have been so... professional.

They are still full of self-serving lies! Don't worry about that! Sarah Palin would never let her name be attached to anything that wasn't full of self-serving lies. But, man, her Wall Street Journal editorial today? So boring.

She quotes Ronald Reagan's famous speech against socialized medicine, which was, of course, his speech against the creation of Medicare, and then she accuses the Democrats of wanting to gut Medicare, but then she paraphrases a Cato Institute libertarian describing his preferred health care plan, which would presumably involve the complete eradication of Medicare—not sure how seniors would feel about that one, Sarah!—and also "death panels" again, because why not. Blah blah. You can read anything Jon Cohn has written over the last couple months if you want the fact-based version of what Palin is talking about.

Oh, but Michael Wolff is totally psyched about this incredibly mundane column! "Sarah Palin is Back — and Out for Blood," he says. He thinks the fact that she has a staff of researchers and writers means that she is "the conservative standard-bearer" and "a force to be reckoned with," because remember when she had the finest writers, researchers, and staff the Republican Party machine could provide and she won the Vice Presidency and didn't embarrass herself at all, even once? No, we don't remember that either, because she melted down from the pressure. Literally any moron can buy an op-ed, and any Republican moron can get that op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

But who is writing her boring/evil new Facebook updates? (It is probably just Bill Kristol, actually.)