Are you Trad? Totally tradded? Traddin' it up? Doesn't the very term "Trad" sound like the first name of some prep school prick? Trad Rockefeller III, the inventor of the "Look at my blazer" look? It's all the rage!

According to Joe Pompeo of the New York Observer it is. This is a whole defined style, allegedly, called Trad, and it means very specific things to very fashionable people in Manhattan, sure, but mostly it means that anyone can take one look at you and say "Why doesn't that rich Ivy League prick go fuck his squash racket or something?"

Perhaps you've noticed Lacoste polos, Ray-Ban eyewear, bow ties and hand-sewn camp moccasins on the streets of Billyburg?

Those who embrace the look say subtlety is key.

Subtlety is key to not getting robbed while walking the streets of South Williamsburg in a $595 navy blue J. Press blazer. Or maybe I'm just projecting my own insecurities! Incredibly, the 52 year-old insurance exec quoted in the story who writes the blog "The Trad" graduated from the same shitty little college in Florida that I did. Dude. You know you were drinking cheap swill at the Milltop and wearing Rip Curl shirts and flip flops and pretending to learn how to surf just like every other bum down there. "Trad" my butt.