In your suddenly Tuesday media column: Jon Capehart speaks on his morning workout routine and why MSNBC should get a life, a journalist gets punched, another one gets run over by a football player, and Stars & Stripes grows balls.

Last week the media world was rocked as if by a meteor when Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart neglected to name his own newspaper as one of the papers he reads in the morning, in an appearance on MSNBC's morning amusement program "Way Too Early." Now, we have "obtained" an exclusive email from Jon Capehart, to us, explaining this bombshell blooper: "The reason I didn't mention the Washington Post on 'Way Too Early' is because the paper arrives AFTER I've worked out on the elliptical (around 6:30am). I can't believe people don't have other things to worry about. Maybe that'll change now that Labor Day is over. :-)" Stay tuned to Your source for the latest EXCLUSIVE developments in the Jon Capehart vs. MSNBC morning newspaper-with-exercise preference war.

Minor late pass on this, but a laid-off white Chicago journalist got socked in the grill by a black teenager for no reason and wrote an admirably honest article about all the race-related feelings it brought out in him. You should read it. Although I'm pretty sure the underlying lesson in this whole incident is "Teenagers are assholes."

A Colorado sports editor had three vertebrae shattered in an accident while covering a football game and had to be life-flighted out. Here are the first two grafs of the story on the horrific injury:

Valley Courier Sports Editor Lloyd Engen was severely injured Saturday afternoon when he was hit while taking photographs on the sideline at the Sangre de Cristo and Norwood High School football gam.

Norwood won the contest 48-8.

Then later they get to the shattered vertebrae, etc. It's called "inverted pyramid."

Crrrrazily, military paper Stars & Stripes has a new editor who's saying "There is a tradition here of people pulling their punches when it comes to covering the Pentagon," and talks about making the paper more aggressive, and—witness their story last week about the Pentagon vetting reporters—actually does it! An awesome development, if it lasts.