Former Lehman Bros. CEO "Dick" Fuld, the Big Villain of All Financial Villains—what's he up to these days? A Reuters reporter trailed him to his remote Idaho hideaway to find out!

So this reporter went on up and found Dick at his Ketchum mansion, just cold hiking over mountains and chilling out. His first words to the reporter:

"You don't have a gun; that's good."

Ha, okay then! So then he went on about how much he has suffered and how ridiculous it is that the government didn't bail out Lehman and how oh well, he knows nobody wants to hear all this from him, he's such a big villain, yea right, whatever, this too shall pass. I mean he has to sit with his back to the wall at restaurants just so some joker doesn't come in and hit him in the face, with a pie! That is absolutely in the story, yes! And he's down to his last four mansions! But he's keeping on a happy face:

"I'm not a defeatist," he said. "I do believe at the end of the day that the good guys do win. I do believe that."

You better hope not, Dick.
[Pic: AP]