Some die-hard Sex and the City may throw a fit after the publication pictures of Kim Cattrall holding the movie sequel's script. But, before they explode, let it be known the snapped pages give away entirely foreseeable, cringe-inducing plot points.

The scene in question provides hints at two "big" twists awaiting Samantha. The first: she calls Smith Jerrod, who she, duh!, broke up with the last one. This shouldn't come as a surprise: it would be damn foolish for writers not to include Smith, for the lady fans — and the boys, too — just love the actor who plays him, Jason Lewis. If there's one thing almost as important as Sex's fashion, it's the men, and the writers know viewers want to see plenty of them.

The second plot point? Samantha, who's fifty, tells her assistant to pick up hormones. Like, OMG! This 50-year old's going through "the change," something that she, Carrie and the other girls will no doubt discuss in gory detail. Please, god, let them not discuss how to handle the inevitable dryness "down there" and how to prepare for post-menopausal entry.