Planning a trip to Papua New Guinea? Well, beware, for the Pacific nation boasts a scary collection of newly discovered beasts that will one day enslave the human race.

Scientists have just discovered two new species in Papua New Guinea. The first, a giant rat found living in an extinct volcano, proves that evolution, like God, has a sick sense of humor:

Measuring 82 centimeters (32.2 inches) from nose to tail and weighing around 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds), the species is thought to be one of the largest rats ever to be found.

The most frightening aspect: the little — or, rather, big — shit isn't afraid of humans, so it should have no problem beating us into submission. If that's not skin-crawling enough, there's also a fanged frog.

Researchers are using these creatures, plus nearly two dozen other new additions to the animal kingdom, to further their argument that Papua New Guinea's rain forest needs to be preserved. With creatures like these, however, we're not sure we agree. Let's all be safe and stock up on those rat-eating plants.

Image via korobokkuru's fickr.