The Office prettyboy John Krasinski was the first to get a movie based on a David Foster Wallace book off the ground, into production, and into release. The trailer's finally arrived. It did pretty well at Sundance. How's it look?

Krasinski once noted Wallace's reaction to his conception of the short stories into a film:

"He said, 'What's it scripted around?' " [Krasinski] remembers. "I said, 'A woman doing her dissertation around feminism looking into the role of the modern man in the post-feminist era.' There was a silence. And he said, 'I never figured out how to do that, how to make them all relate together. That sounds awesome.' It was probably one of the greatest days of my life!"

David Foster Wallace died last year. It'll be interesting to see how his legacy moves forward in literary circles and pop culture. Some people like to hang on to their favorite books and writers—especially the ones who required a personal investment of time, like Wallace's Infinite Jest—but really, only good things can come of people being exposed to the guy's work, so long as they're trying to do it justice. Can't wait to hear what the hardcore Wallace contingent makes of this, besides the obvious "book is better" punchline.

[Thanks to Phnuggle for the tip.]