Intrepid reporter John Koblin of the New York Observer caught Anna Wintour at the U.S. Open watching her crush Roger Federer's match against Lleyton Hewitt. He asked Wintour the two don't-ask-don't-tell talking points on everyone's mind: McKinsey and Federer. Results?

On the topic of Federer, Koblin elicited the kind of stuff courtside reportage was born to breed. Hard hitting:

"Well, Lleyton is a very tough competitor, and he was getting every serve back," she said. "But we believed."

Boom. Anna believes. She drank the (zero calorie) Kool-Aid, and is a full-fledged servant to Federer's will and backhand.

Then, Koblin dares to ask Wintour about McKinsey, the Conde Nast Death Panel currently executing whole departments as well as ridding the Conde Commissary of wasteful beverages like Orangina. This is some Frost/Nixon shit, right here. Koblin goes in for the kill:

Then I asked her about McKinsey. Vogue is one of two Conde Nast magazines that the consulting firm is taking the longest, deepest look at as it prepares a series of cost-cutting recommendations for Chairman Si Newhouse.

"Everything is great!" she said. "O.K, I'm off."

She promptly disappeared into a tunnel.

There you have it! Everything's dandy! Not only are the relationships between Vogue—who McKinsey's taking a good, hard look at—and McKinsey, Vogue's possible hangman, fine, but Wintour's ability to disappear into caves and tunnels like a creature of the night proceeds unfettered.

[Photo by John Koblin, via the New York Observer]