In your nearly-over Friday media column: The New York Post is shameless about stealing stories, the AP's criticized for taking a good photo, Jon Capehart in more hijinks, and Brian Tierney's clock is ticking.

Well, here is some bullshit: The New York Post actually has an official, stated staff policy against crediting blogs for scoops they steal from them. "The rules is this: if every detail, fact and quote can be independently verified, then we don't have to credit anyone." (Although if you look at P6, they do credit bloggers sometimes. So who knows.) We got this from Neiman Lab! Washington Post feature on this outrage, TK.

The AP distributed a photo of a fatally injured Marine in Afghanistan, which prompted an objection from the Secretary of Defense himself. Hey, solution for everyone: Don't start wars.

Another comical bit of Jonathan Capehart morning TV minutiae! On the show "Way Too Early" (there's the setup!) Capehart said that every morning, he reads the NYT and the WSJ. But he works for the Washington Post! Oh morning TV and Jon Capehart, you two are the original odd couple.

Brian Tierney, the magical savior of Philly's bankrupt newspapers (Not really!) has until Sept. 15 to come up with a plan to prevent the papers from being taken over by creditors. If he doesn't they will take those papers right away from him and maybe that would be a good thing. Or maybe not! At least someone's gonna save the Chicago Sun-Times.