Oh man, an angry mob of teabagging health care protesters totally ambushed clown Senator Al Franken! But... wait, what... this is a ten-minute video of a calm discussion of the issues...??

This is like the "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out" of health care town hall viral videos. According to the videographer/blogger, a dozen teabaggers staked out Al Franken's booth at the Great Minnesota Get-Together ready to boo and hiss and shout "socialism!" and all of those things that they have been doing, everywhere.

But these are Minnesota teabaggers. They may be all ginned up with outrage, but these are people who've been conditioned for generations to listen politely to literally anyone talking to them. So, you know, Al Franken, who is actually a smart, wonky guy who loves talking about the specifics of policy, explains some stuff, and the teabaggers reveal concerns slightly more complex and reality-grounded than "DEATH PANELS HITLER," and everyone learns something.

Specifically everyone learns that reasoned debate is booooooooorrrrring. You will never ever see any of this clip on Fox, unless they can somehow edit it to make it look like Franken started crying or something.

[Via AMC, who is guest-hosting Maddow today barring the unexpected 4:30 pm death of Gabe Kaplan.]