The "Look at This Fucking Hipster" book will be full of staged photos of self-identified hipsters, for legal purposes. But author Joe Mande is also sending out this form email to anyone who submits their own photo:

Hello [Hipster Photo Submitter],

My name is Joe Mande and I'm the author of the tumblr blog Look at This Fucking Hipster. I am writing you because I think the amazing picture(s) you recently submitted for the blog might actually be perfect for the Look at This Fucking Hipster Book, which I am currently writing for St. Martin's Press.

If you did not take the submitted picture, but instead found the photograph somewhere online, please disregard this email. But if you did indeed take the picture yourself, and want that picture to be considered for the LATFH book, would you please be so kind as to fill out this photo release form and send it back to me? You'll be playing your part in a very important movement.

I appreciate it. Thanks so much!

- Joe Mande

And then a release form. Two separate people who had their photos rejected because they weren't the original photographers have sent the photos to us, the bottom of the barrel-shaped internet. Here they are (top photo, taken from a Facebook page; bottom photo, a live specimen in San Diego). Hipsters! We too would like a book deal if at all possible.