RNC Chairman and amateur stand-up comedian Michael Steele traveled to historically black Howard University to give a speech yesterday, and succeeded in insulting both his hosts and the visiting whites lured to Howard by this Republican man!

First, according to an entertaining Salon report, a white lady stood up and said her mom had died because she couldn't afford chemo. Michael Steele put her in her place! Then the police escorted the lady away. Here's a video of it! The conflict starts about two and a half minutes in.

With the rude "my mom died" lady under control, Steele was free to bring this inspirational message to the crowd:

"It's important to be here, to show you that from 8th Street NW to this moment, it happens," he said. "It can happen." Which was true enough. But since nearly everyone he called on said they wanted to go to law school — the talk was, after all, co-sponsored by Howard's Political Science Society — the message flirted with condescension.

With hard work and a role model like Michael Steele, you too can one day break out of the ghetto of Howard University, future law students! The man is a master communicator. Give him that.

RELATED TRUE STORY: Hillary Clinton Laura Bush once went and gave a speech at the Howard student center which is right over the cafeteria on Soul Food night and was ROUNDLY CONDEMNED not for her speech, but for messing up Soul Food night, which was the best food night.

Shout out to Drew Hall.