It's a razor thin line between being the coolest person on the planet and being the uncoolest person on the planet, and hoodie hearthrob Michael Cera may just have crossed over.

Seems only yesterday, the Arrested Development alum's trademark slack-jawed, blinky-eyed terror of fast-talking girls too hot to go out with him in real life was the sensation of Brooklyn and Silverlake. Youngish film critics gushed. Emo girls cooed.

But the worm has turned. Perhaps the moth flew a little too close to the flame with Paper Hearts, revealing the hipster machinery a little too openly for any self-respecting hipster to admit to be fooled by. But whatever sparked, it full-fledged rebellion in hoodieland is in progress and if Hollywood wants to preserve the street creds that have brought his last three films (Hearts, Year One and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) approximately 450 box office dollars combined, they better find some way to roll back this tsunami pronto.

Just last week New York, the Old Person's official guide to Young Persons, published a blistering "The Many Hoodies of Michael Cera" photo gallery. And now, official Jew Cool site, Heeb has blacklisted Cera under the rubric "Stuff Hipsters Hate." Their expose declares, "after Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist let loose its stream of sugary-sweet earnestness all over the silver screen, hipsters turned their plaid-clad backs on the stuttering star."

All of this is a shame because his upcoming film, Youth in Revolt, actually looks to be possibly his funniest film to date. But as they say in film marketing 101, as goes Greenpoint, so goes Williamsburg.