All Westport resident Michael Rodrigues wanted to do was buy tax-free liquor in New Hampshire, as countless thousands do every day. But just because he's a Massachusetts state legislator who approved a tax hike on booze, he's in trouble!

It is the biggest Massachusetts political scandal since Boston Mayor Thomas Menino failed to call A-Rod a fag after a constituent shouted "Yankees suck" last week.

New Hampshire, as we all know, is a lawless, tax-free paradise of cheap hooch, fireworks, and loose women. It is basically the Tijuana of New England. So all Massachusetts residents who live near that porous border regularly drive across state lines, evading troopers and land mines and such, to buy their Irish whisky and bottle rockets.

That's why it is perfectly understandable that State Representative Rodrigues was spotted at a New Hampshire liquor store! Except that Rodrigues, who was driving his Crown Victoria with the Massachusetts House license plate at the time, is a member of the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee and he voted for the recent sales tax hike that added a brand-new 6.25% tax on alcohol. For shame, State Representative Rodrigues!