You know how in Vanity Fair's behind-the-scenes video burgeoning gay icon Levi Johnston jokes with his manager about posing for Playgirl? Well, Gawker's learned it's not a joke. We've confirmed it's actually going to happen. But don't get too excited.

After reading on Gawker that Levi was game for posing nude, the guy who puts together Playgirl's photoshoots, Daniel Nardicio, emailed Johnston's manager Tank Jones about having his client pose nude for their website. (The print version of the magazine closed earlier this year). Tank referred the matter to Levi's lawyer Rex Butler (how many handlers does one Alaskan babydaddy need?) who emailed back: "There are people out there that want to see such a shoot of Levi and we are ready to do it if the proposal is right." The only hitch, Levi's not willing to do a nude shoot, only pose in his skivvies.

And since a nearly nude Levi is better than no nude Levi at all, Playgirl's down and there's an agreement in place to do the shoot. They're in final negotiations to get the thing together right now.

Funny thing is that Playgirl's biggest get in years doesn't have a clue about who reads the male flesh mag. As he and Tank joke in the Vanity Fair video, Levi says, "I'm assuming it's where a dude poses for women."

Oh Levi, don't be ashamed to go down the gay icon route. Just wait until June, when you'll be introducing dance diva Amber at Cincinnati Pride!

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