The final version of Madonna's latest video "Celebration" came out today and, like we hoped the dreaded 15 seconds that was leaked isn't in the final edit. That doesn't mean what is left is that much better.

Well, it's not bad, per se, but it's not necessarily great either. It follows the familiar Madge pattern of ripping off current street culture, thrusting and simulating masturbation, and singing about partying. Boyfriend Jesus Luz has a cameo where he plays DJ while M strips him tries to suck the life force out of him, but he doesn't show off his turntable badness like we thought he would. Luckily producer Paul Oakenfold is nowhere to be found.

What we're left with is a herky jerky M'Dollar showing off her pilates moves next to a bunch of more gifted dancers showing off some crazy stunts. A solid B-, but considering that another single from a greatest hits album, "Justify My Love," was banned by MTV and started a nation debate, this one had a lot to live up to.